What If Coaching


Bespoke strengths based coaching sessions and workshops on any of the below topics

  • Strategy workshops
  • Corporate vision communication workshops
  • Team development workshops
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Improving working relationships,
  • Development of  leadership style
  • Improving communication
  • Helping manage change
  • Understanding reactions to stress
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving
  • Assertiveness and conflict resolution
  • Career management
  • E-learning strategy consultancy

For organisations the price is bespoke
For individuals prices start from 65€ for a 90min session



Selling skills using the Myers Briggs psychometric tool
€299 + VAT


What if you could estimate your client’s personality and sell to them accordingly to their style?

These 2 X90 minute sessions will help you to:

  • Assess your selling process
  • How is your personality expressed when you sell
  • Approach customers
  • Understand what different customers want
  • Gain information and build strong relationships
  • Use proven techniques for estimating the client’s personality based on behavioural and language cues
  • Gain understanding of your personality and your sales approach
  • How to adapt to your customers
  • Understand how people want to be sold to
  • Handling issues

This comprehensive sales packages  includes:
  • Access to the Online Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator questionnaire
  • Rich, detailed MBTI personality profiling report
  • MBTI personality type and selling booklet including all the techniques on how to estimate your client’s personality
  • 2 X 90 minutes coaching sessions and Action Plan with Athina

Personal Impact coaching session

€149 + VAT

What if you knew

1.   Your Work style
2.   Your Communication style
3.   Your Team style
4.   Your Decision-making style
5.   Your Leadership style
6.   Your Conflict style
7.   How stress impacts you
8.   Your approach to change

Wouldn't that propel you to being more successful in all the above areas both at home and at work?

This comprehensive self-development 90 minute session includes:

  • Access to the Online Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator questionnaire
  • Rich, detailed Personal Impact report covering the above 8 key areas of development.
  • 90 minute coaching session and Action Plan with Athina

Presence and Presentation skills

Bespoke price

What If you stopped worrying about giving presentations and learnt how to deliver bussiness presentations with confidence, calmness and poise?

I have designed  2 X 90minutes coaching sessions that cover presence (inner confidence) and presentation skills (the technique):

  • Assistance with your actual presentation
  • How to structure your presentation
  • How to deliver an engaging, persuasive and memorable presentation
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Finding your confidence and personal presentation style