What If Coaching


There are many approaches to encouraging and engaging people. What If Coaching focuses on the art of strengths coaching. It invites you to gain a deep understanding of your strengths and behavioural preferences and apply them in any area of your business life.

The strengths approach starts by clarifying people’s goals and understanding their strengths. It then provides positive models and practical tools that individuals, teams and organisations can use:
  • To build on their strengths
  • To set specific goals
  • To achieve their picture of success, their corporate vision

What is coaching?

Coaching is an action-based, solutions focused transformational process that helps you make progress in your intentional change.

How long is a bespoke individual or team coaching session?

An individual session is usually a 90minutes or more structured conversation. It is based on the individual's agenda where Athina helps them to set well formed outcomes and brainstorm ways of achieving those through an action plan. It is not therapy, it is a solution focused process that gives a practical path to success.

For team sessions, Athina’s role is to facilitate the conversation, ask thought provoking questions, administer and debrief any reports used and train on the topic of preference. Her mission is to help the teams clarify their picture of success in any area and explore ways and strategies to achieve it.

How many coaching sessions are needed?

Athina offers a bespoke service. It is best to contact her via the contact form for a free consultation

Athina’s business style

Athina is very pragmatic and solutions focused. Her role is to help individuals and teams to gain a deep understanding of their strengths and behavioural preferences and then apply them in any area of their business and work life. Athina runs strategy workshops using the strengths approach where she helps teams understand their strengths and align their individual contribution to the corporate vision.

Athina is flexible, fun and can work with any personality type.

"Athina's most pronounced feature is her ability to achieve a sense of harmony between opposing features of her being. She displays a strong outcome orientation and bias for action yet achieves equilibrium with her values and ability to relate to others with genuine empathy. She is a high achiever who builds alliances and credits her colleagues for their effort and contribution."

Dan Kerkel - QVC UK