What If Coaching
"I spent many years working alongside Athina supporting her in the design and delivery of a variety of learning and development solutions for a leading retail/broadcasting organisation. She is an articulate and exceptional talent and from her diligent and thorough approach to research, she regularly demonstrated her ability to provide creative, exceptional and in some cases industry leading solutions to serve the business she supports."

Frank Robinson - Head of Human Resources CDL


Hi, I am Athina Tsipoura.
A life and business coach, AC accredited helping individuals, teams and organisations live up to their full potential.

My expertise

I have been working in the UK for the past 10 years with the likes of Jaguar & LandRover as well as QVC a multimedia retailer and recently in Malta getting people up to speed with their skills, transforming good teams into super teams and assisting organisations communicate their corporate strategy by achieving team alignment.

I had the privilege to be one of the judges at UK Customer Training Awards 2016.

I have a BA in Psychology, Education and Philosophy, University of Athens, and an MA in Human Resource Development and Consulting, Lancaster University UK. I am a Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP), Northern School of NLP, a Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner, OPP UK, and a Realise 2 Strengths Profiler Practitioner, Capp EU.

I am also a life and business coach, AC accredited.

I recently received training from Business Leaders Malta in HR practices and Maltese employee relations legislation.

I have been operating in Malta since 2015 under the What If Coaching brand, a solution focused consultancy service offering three core areas of my expertise:
  • Business and individual coaching, using NLP techniques and psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) as well as Realise 2 strengths profiler. I work mainly with CEOs of start ups and senior managers to get their teams from simply good to great.
  • Bespoke training and team development workshops
  • E-learning consultancy. I have extensive experience in managing and executing e-learning strategy campaigns focusing on compliance training such as Information Security, and HR policies

My approach

Past clients have described my approach as effective, efficient and elegant. Throughout my sessions I make use of a variety of tools and techniques drawing from various disciplines such as traditional training, NLP coaching, personality profiling, strengths based training and psychology.

How I work

I run individual face to face coaching sessions, team development and  strategy workshops.